programmer - media server

- bring light into darkness

Classically trained on conventional consoles from the Mini Light Pallet to the Expressions and Obsession OOGGOO brings theatrical visions to technical reality.


-bend light

With over 10 years of experience programming automated lighting desks OOGGOO harmonizes modern technology and dynamic techniques into corporate, concert or installation environments. 

Whole Hog II, Maxxyz, and Virtuoso.


-paint with images

Familiar with the state of the art media server technology, OOGGOO weaves dynamic scenic concepts into reality. 

MiPix, MiTrix, LED, LC Pannel, Soft LED and all pixels in between.  Server experience with catalyst, axon, DL 2, Hippotizer and Maxedia. 


-make your vision last

From architecture to themed or amusement spaces, OOGGOO helps make your design a lasting reality. 

Lutron and Pharos.

for information please contact:
troy fujimura